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On behalf of Scripps Health, the Student Placements team welcomes you! Our goal is to provide students and faculty with meaningful, outcome-driven experiences. The information on this page provides an overview of the student placement process and covers affiliation agreements, student placement requests, requirements for the rotation, and rotation information. Embedded within this page are hyperlinks that will open webpages, pertinent documents and information.

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Scripps Health Student Placement Process

Step 1: Affiliation Agreement with Scripps Health

If your school does not have an affiliation agreement, please contact us to inquire. If your school has an affiliation agreement, proceed to Step 2.

Step 2: Submit a Student Placement Request via your Complio account through AmericanDataBank

Student placement requests are reviewed on a semester by semester basis.

For more information regarding deadlines for placement request submissions, please visit the San Diego Consortium website:

How to Submit the Request:

All requests must be made using the Complio service by AmericanDataBank. Partner schools are required to maintain a Complio account through which all requests will be submitted. Contacting potential preceptors and managers for placements is NOT permitted for undergraduate placements. Requests that circumvent the Complio request process will not be approved.

Breakdown of Request Process:

  1. Your school will submit a placement request for you in the Complio service.

·         This step must be completed by a school representative

  1. Once the placement request is entered the status of the request will be "Pending".
  2. Scripps Student Placements will review the request and contact the requested site and department for final determination.
  3. If the request is approved, Scripps Student Placements will update the request’s status to "Approved".
  4. An email notification from Complio is sent to the School with the updated approval status.

  •If the request is not approved, a rejection email is sent to the School with the rejection notification.


*For details on establishing an account with Complio or for troubleshooting and questions, please contact American Data Bank at 1-800-200-0853 or


Step 3: Submit Student Placement Clearance Requirements in Complio

Per the affiliation agreement, clearance requirements must be completed prior to the start of the rotation. These requirements are due at least three weeks prior to the rotation start date. Scripps uses Complio to manage and track these requirements. All students, even if the students are employees of Scripps Health, are required to complete and submit all requirements in Complio.

Overview of Clearance Requirements*:


** Applies to students and instructors participating in patient care only



Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR): acceptable proof is any one of the following:


Varicella (Chicken Pox): acceptable proof is any one of the following:


Tuberculosis (TB) Screening: acceptable proof is any one of the following:


Hepatitis B: acceptable proof includes one of the following:


Flu Vaccination or Declination with mask required (starting in October each year):



TDap Vaccination: Proof of immunization

*Requirements are subject to change.

For this process, please note:

The school administrator will need to create a rotation and add the student(s) to the rotation. Once created, an email with instructions is automatically sent to the student(s) to complete and upload each requirement. Once the student completes the requirements, the school administrator shares the rotation profile with Student Placements via the “Share” function. If you need training on this process, please contact Complio at 1-800-200-0853 or

Rotation Information

Student and Instructor Conduct:

Scripps Corporate ID (CID):

Student Placements will request a CID for the student(s) and instructor after requirements are received and approved through Complio. The CID is a unique six-digit Scripps identifier that is used to grant computer and badge access.

Computer Access:

For rotations that require specialized computer applications, the instructor will also receive login information for these applications from Student Placements via email; no additional training is required for these applications.

Epic Access:

Epic is the electronic medical record used at Scripps. To receive access to Epic, students and instructors are required to complete Epic training videos. This training consists of several discipline specific videos. Student Placements will send the instructor or preceptor instructions on how to access the Epic training videos with the rest of your student access.

**NOTE: Epic access is not granted instantaneously, and can take several business days to activate upon the completion of your mandatory training modules.


Students and instructors are required to have Scripps badges for their rotations. The badge request form and instructions will be sent from Student Placements via email to your instructor or preceptor in your access email prior to the start of your placement.

Badge forms must be printed and signed, then taken to Security at any of the Scripps hospital locations to receive a badge. Badges must be obtained before or first thing on your first day onsite.


Up to date parking information can be viewed by clicking on a site link below:



Instructor and Faculty Information

Department Orientation and the Student Orientation Checklist (SOC)

During the first week of the rotation, the instructor or Scripps preceptor will complete a department orientation with the students using the SOC.

    Per the affiliation agreement, it is the school's responsibility to ensure the SOC is completed and submitted by the instructor or preceptor. Please see additional details below.

Link to form: Student Orientation Checklist


In addition to the “Clearance Requirements in Complio” above that must be completed by all students and instructors, instructors may also be asked to:


New or Returning Nursing Instructors – Additional Requirements


Nursing instructors who have not attended a rotation at Scripps Health in 12 months are considered returning instructors.

All new and returning Nursing Instructors who will be onsite with students must attend Mandatory Skills Validation, and submit their certificate of completion in Complio. Please contact Student Placements to schedule a date for Skills Validation. This must be completed prior to the start of the placement.

            *Because available dates for Skills Validation is limited, we advise all incoming new and returning instructors to please reach out as soon as possible to arrange this step and avoid potential delays to the rotation start date.

These modules must be viewed prior to attending Skills Validation.


Continuing Instructors – Additional Requirements

Nursing instructors who have had a placement at Scripps Health in the last 12 months attending rotations with students are required to maintain their requirements and provide updated documentation if requirements expire.


Glucometer Access:

Nursing instructors must revalidate their glucometer point of care testing annually. If you need to revalidate this point of care testing, then please complete the below eCourse, and contact the unit manager the first day of the placement to be revalidated by the unit validator. Once the instructor Is signed off, access to the glucometer will be reactivated.