Clinical Instructor Requirements

Useful information for faculty and administrators

Welcome to Scripps Health!

The information below is intended to be a guide to prepare and provide you with a positive learning experience for both you and your students. Please review and follow the Scripps Health regulatory requirements below.

Please visit the San Diego Nursing & Allied Health Service-Education Consortium (SDNSEC) online placement request system to see the status of your student placement request. Please note that we will not accept any paperwork for students unless placement has been “Approved”.

For more information, please visit the Nursing Consortium website.

Affiliation Agreements: If your school does NOT have an affiliation agreement in place, click here.

List of Requirements for Faculty Coming to Scripps with Students:

  1. Background Check and Drug Screen
  2. Required Immunizations
  3. 2016-2017 Flu Vaccination Requirements for Students and Faculty
  4. Scripps Confidentiality and Nondisclosure Agreement
  5. Online courses:

    Clinical Faculty Coming to Scripps Health with Students - Faculty Orientation Modules (Required)

    * Please take a screenshot of the completion certificate at the end of each module. Be sure to include the URL in the screenshot. This serves as your proof of completion as we are unable to verify or reprint certificates.

    Patient Care Orientation Modules (Required)

    EMR MODULES: Complete per faculty discretion, as applicable to the objectives of the clinical rotation.

  6. Skills Validation: All new clinical instructors or faculty who will be onsite supervising student(s) must attend Patient Care Provider Orientation (PCPO) for skills validation, which is offered twice a month on Thursdays, 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. To schedule your skills validation, please email You must be cleared by Student Placements prior to attending. In addition to new faculty, this requirement must be completed by:
    • Instructors who are Scripps Health employees that will be supervising students outside of their current area of employment.
    • Returning faculty who have not supervised students at a Scripps Health facility in over 12 months.
  7. Scripps Faculty Orientation & EMR Module Attestation

Documents to be uploaded to the placement request in the consortium THREE WEEKS prior to clinical start date:

Things to consider:

  1. Student name(s) must be listed in the Student Name(s) section of the request. Names do not need to be entered in the initial request; however, names must be entered no later than three weeks prior to the start of the rotation.
  2. If a placement is a rollover from the previous year, please remember to check that the contact information listed in the bottom portion of the request is up to date and accurate.
  3. Be sure that all of the placement details are correct. The start and end dates in the consortium should reflect the time period in which the students will be at Scripps, not the duration of the class they are enrolled in. The start date listed should be the clinical start date.
  4. Scripps employees that are also students must complete all student requirements including background check and drug screen.

Please be aware that when a request is approved in the consortium, it means that we are able to accommodate the request. However, you should expect to see a clearance email from Student Placements clearing each student prior to the start of the rotation. If you have not received the clearance email one week prior to a student’s start date, please email to check on clearance prior to sending the student for their first day.

*If your school is not a member of the San Diego Nursing and Allied Health Service Education Consortium: Your students are required to use American DataBank/Complio’s document tracking option and share their profile with Scripps health. The school will still be responsible for submitting a signed Student Orientation Record to Scripps Student Placements. Be sure to include the SEL# and the student/s full name in the email.

To profile share or not to profile share?… If that is the question, click here.

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Affiliation Agreements

Find out if your school has an affiliation agreement with Scripps Health to facilitate student internship rotations and learn more.

Exit survey

On the last day of your rotation, please complete the exit survey below. We value your feedback regarding your educational experience.